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Dough mixers

Dough mixers play a key role in the flour confectionery industry, as dough is the basis for all kinds of pastry.

What confectionery product we get in the end, depends on the type and quality of dough, different dough mixers being needed for different types of dough because of the difference of the mixing speeds required.Тестомесильная машина

After facing this problem, the engineers and production designers of the CJSC ‘RENO’ decided to combine a dough mixer and a dough beater into one unite multi-purpose device. As long as at that moment of time we had been manufacturing machines for mixing stiff dough, the blades of which were fixed horizontally, we decided to develop this line by improving our dough mixers into dough mixers & beaters (MTVK series).
The machine we developed acquired the ability of making different types of dough (biscuit dough, yeast-containing dough, pâte à choux, short pastry, rich dough, bread dough, roll-in dough, and stiff dough).
The design of these machines is very effective, as, firstly, the Z-shaped blades with a dynamic geometry are fixed horizontally and rotate towards one another at a speeds up to 300 rpm, which provides a more qualitative beating for a shorter time period. Secondly, as we have mentioned earlier, we used a mixer for stiff dough as a prototype of our new machine, which means that the dough mixer & beater can knead stiff dough too, such as dough for choux pastries, sweet biscuits, or even bread rings (bagels).
Besides all these values, the MTVK-series dough mixers & beaters are made of high-quality, tried-and-true components, some of which being rather expensive within their category (like the frequency changer, the bearing unit, or the poly-V belts); however, due to this quality we can be sure in the operability of our machines and provide a 36-month warranty for them.
Please review comparison characteristics of all our dough mixers on our website – The Comparison Characteristics of Dough Mixers.



The dough mixers and dough beaters made by CJSC ‘RENO’ can be assigned to three nominal groups:


1. Dough mixers for stiff dough

These dough mixers are designed to knead dough for pelmeni/ravioli, oriental dumplings, meat pastries, bread rings and bagels, altar bread, gingerbreads, and other types of dough that doesn’t contain fats or oils, but is only made of flour, water, and salt. We make different models of dough mixers for stiff dough that not only vary in productivity, but also in discharging types with a rotatory or a gate dough trough. The difference in productivity allows utilizing the dough mixers both at canteens or fast food restaurants, and large confectioneries, bread bakeries, or other food processors. To equip canteens, our company offers the МТ-20М desktop dough mixer; for food mass production we recommend larger models of the MTVK series.


2. Dough Mixers for a Confectionery Mass

For kneading confectionery dough we would like to offer the MTVK dough mixers. These multifunction dough mixers are applied at production of various types of cookies: oatmeal cookies, sweet biscuits, sweet dough buns, gingerbreads, choux pastries, as well as for beating high-fat cream. Our dough-mixing machines are fitted with a stainless steel non-removable and a mobile trough, an electronic control group with smooth adjustment of rotation of the blades that are in their turn have a special shape, maximum effective for kneading this type of dough. The high performance safety system protects both the equipment and the operator from contingency cases.


3. Beaters for an Aerated Mass

These dough mixers & beaters, represented in a number of models, are generally utilized as equipment for confectioneries and small bakeries, but of course can be used otherwise too. These machines are designed for making aerated masses: marshmallow, nougat, pastille, soufflés, caramel filling, waffle filling, curds, minced meat, etc. They are represented in various models too, having different productivity and size, which allows using the beater that fits your conditions.