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Beaters for an aerated mass are used for making the following types of dough: marshmallow, nougat, pastille, soufflés, caramel filling, waffle dough, curds, minced meat. The beaters for an aerated mass are notable for their Z-shaped perforated blades and a special dough kneading program. The beaters for an aerated mass produced by CJSC ‘RENO’ are represented by several model types:

Beaters can differ in the way of depositing: a gate type and a rotary type.

Beaters are produced with different productivity, depending on the volume of the blender.

The blender and blades of all beaters are made of stainless steel and are fitted with vacuum-tight, protected, rotund bearing units.

Our beaters are multifunctional and have a number of the blades rotating modes, which allows kneading different types of dough and mass (for marshmallow, soufflé, sweet biscuits, pastille, etc.) and beat butter cream and various fillings.

For the purpose of protection from sputtering, the blender of the beater is fitted with a loose cover with inspection holes for process control and adding components.

All beaters are also fitted with a timer.

Optionally, we offer a temperature stabilization unit for dough beater models with a water jacket.


Взбивальная машина на 80 л (поворотная)

Beater for 80 l (21.13 gal), rotatory

Машина взбивальная на 150 л

Beater for 150 l (39.63 gal), rotatory

Машина взбивальная на 250 л

Beater for 250 l (66.04 gal), rotatory