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Mini Bakery

Gas powered conveyor infrared desktop bakery.

mini bakery due to its small size is perfect for small canteens, fast food outlets, pizzerias, etc. It is efficient and versatile due to the fact that the oven can consume any type of gas – both from gas-main pipelines and liquefied gas.. Duration of baking (5-15 min), depending on the type of the product, is set-up with the bakery oven control panel, which allows to bake a number of various pastries and bakery products. Mini Bakery is represented as desktop, but is can also be floor-standing. The bakery oven doesn’t use direct flame during operation, but infrared radiation, which allows to get the highest quality of product and lower consumption of gas. The continuously adjustable burners with electronically controllable power, accurate within 1%, allows to use the Mini Bakery for baking most diverse products. Safety of the Gas Powered Mini Oven is achieved by using several ways of protection of different parameters, such as: fire control, air feed control, gas feed control, ignition control. Temperature inspection sensors monitor the baking mode and allow to achieve the highest quality of product.
Mini Bakery

Mini Bakery Specification:

Duration of baking, min   -  from 1 and more

Number of adjustment areas, pcs -  2 (upper tubular electric heaters, lower tubular electric heaters)

Hearth width, mm   -  600 (1.97 ft)

Design capacity, kW  -  6

Energy input, kW  -  4.5

Voltage, V  -  380

Overall dimensions, mm   -   2000х1000х550 (6.56x3.28x1.80 ft)