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Gas powered conveyor ovens

Bakery ovens of the PKI series (infrared conveyor oven) is an evolutionary development of the PKRK (Rus.: ПКРК) series. Field evidence from over 1,000 operating conveyor ovens proves that we chose the right engineering solutions. The current state of science and technology enables to significantly raise the level of the bakery ovens base case: application of special alloys, composites, up-to-date electronics with a self-test system, and (what is most noticeable with conveyor ovens) the gas supply in the combustion supporting and power adjustment system. For the first time ever conveyor ovens are fitted with custom design, one-of-a-kind continuously adjustable burners with electronically controllable power, accurate within 1%. The gas feed and control system is also custom developed to provide exact accuracy of burners control.

Thus, the gas-powered conveyor ovens of the PKI series are fitted with a system with the three main areas with exact accuracy adjustment and a steady temperature field across the width and the length of the conveyor oven, which is traditional for the PKRK series. And what is most important, the economical efficiency of the gas system is not only about the cost of gas, but also about the low consumption of the gas per kW of thermal exposure as compared to other gas systems, which is achieved due to the one-of-a-kind burners.

The new models of the conveyor ovens are designed for all types of hearth (tray, mesh, tape) and the two types of power supply: electricity and gas. The gas can also be both natural and liquefied, an 8-meter (26.25 ft) bakery hearth oven being able to run with one 24-liter (6.34 gal) gas-bag during the whole production shift.


газовая конвейерная мини печь

Gas Powered Conveyor Mini Oven

Газовые хлебопекарные печи

Gas Powered Bakery Ovens