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Cooking syrups, fondants, fruit masses, etc. in a syrup pan begins with dissipation of sugar in water – i.e. making sugar syrup. The higher the temperature, the better the sugar dissipates; for this purpose the syrup pan, or namely the jacket of the food cattle, is fitted with heater elements. During making syrup, the thermal process combined with mechanical action by stirring the syrup in the pan fitted with a mixer, intensifies the process and decreases the time of sugar dissipation thus reducing the impact of high temperature on the syrup. Heating of the syrup pan oil jacket, not the syrup itself, prevents syrup sticking and raises durability of the pan. The whole process of making syrup in the syrup pan is controlled by a microprocessor at set-up modes. Syrup pans produced by CJSC ‘RENO’ can be used for making other types of masses: glaze (both in confectionery and pharmacologic industries), marmalade, jelly, or (on condition of a little update of the pan) aspic of meat.